Scarica PDF Once a ranger

Scarica PDF Once a ranger

Spur Award winner Dusty Richards is back with a brand-new adventure featuring a former Texas Ranger with a talent for finding trouble, even when he stays put…Ex-Ranger Phil Guthrey swore he’d never stop roaming the West, bringing justice to the lawless whenever the situation called. But after cleaning up the criminals of Crook County, Arizona, he finds himself not only elected to be the county sheriff but settling down with a pretty, young girl for a wife.Except keeping the peace in Crook County is less relaxing than Guthrey would have imagined. Border bandits are accustomed to raiding the territory at will, and they’re not too keen on giving up the practice. Between his new wife and a town under constant threat, this former Texas Ranger is about to get more than his fair share of action…

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Titolo del libroOnce a ranger
AutoreDusty Richards
Formati disponibiliPDF, EPUB, MP3, DJVU, PGD, MOBI, MP3
Dimensione del file22.12Mb
Data di rilascio2014/03/04

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