Scarica PDF The lost soul

Scarica PDF The lost soul

Black eyes. Seeing eyes. Death eyes. As Keeper of the Dead, Sondra Carstairs can see, hear and feel souls that no longer walk among the living. Or she could when younger. But as an eighteen-year-old, Sondra ran from everything that it meant to be Keeper, including Anona Island, the home of generations of Keepers. Twenty-two years since Sondra ran from being Keeper, she receives an appeal from a lost soul which forces her to return and face the darkness of Anona. Anona, the home of the Keepers, is no longer a safe haven for anyone, including Sondra. And when she learns just what someone is prepared to do, she must decide whether becoming Keeper is worth stepping on the path she’d avoided for so long or not. For the Keeper protects. She protects the dead. She protects the living. Embracing the darkness within is Sondra’s only chance to survive.

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Titolo del libroThe lost soul
AutoreAdele Morris
Formati disponibiliPDF, EPUB, MP3, iBOOKS, MP3, AZW, MS WORD
Dimensione del file10.45Mb
Data di rilascio2018/05/24

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