Scarica The memory hunter PDF

Scarica The memory hunter PDF

By 2007, after the nuclear war with the Soviet Union, Japanese mega-corporations run America. In this dark never-future of hovercars, &apos-droids, and Mars colonies, the oppressive corporations rule the overworked occupants of the mega-cities with an iron fist. And a mysterious disease called IDES is causing people to lose their implanted synthetic memories.John Bishop makes his living on the fringes of the mega-corporate society that disgraced him and reduced him to a repo man of brain implants--a memory hunter. Bishop, with the help of beautiful dissident scientist Dr. Amy Alexander, unravels a conspiracy of corruption and horror, and in so doing he just may find the redemption that has eluded him from the bottom of a synth-alcohol bottle.Mixing elements of classic science fiction, Chandleresque noir, and absurdist dark humor, the author of laugh-out-loud cult classics The Earworm Inception and Rumored to Exist creates a retro future world of classic cyberpunk. The clever twist of wry humor and science fiction predictions from the 1980s gone wrong offers a satirical look at a future that never happened.

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Titolo del libroThe memory hunter
AutoreJon Konrath
Formati disponibiliPDF, EPUB, MP3, CHM, PGD, DOC, MP3
Dimensione del file12.43Mb
Data di rilascio2015/05/17

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